21-year-old singer, dancer, writer, and producer John Lindahl is a truly special artist. With boundless energy, obvious talent, and an extraordinary work ethic that saw him succeed early, he is driven to continually look forward, push himself, and grow as an artist. His path to music was common  - starting in musical theatre, he showed early promise in local and nationally recognized productions.


At 15 years old, he was a regular live performer on Fox TV’s X-Factor in the group “Intensity” in Season 1 (2011), but John wanted to sing his own songs. He started writing, singing and creating new music, and began to develop and discover who he was as an artist and songwriter. Only two years later, the industry took notice of the early talent of John Lindahl – in 2013, he earned a record deal with Epic Records at the age of 17. 

John is currently signed to Logic's label, "Elysium". His first EP, "Changes" was released in December 2017.  John appears on Logic’s mixtape “Bobby Tarantino” as well as his current album "Everybody". Other co-writes and collabs include: Timbaland, Harmony Samuels (Chris Brown, Maroon 5, Ariana Grande), Rob Knox (Justin Timberlake, Joe Jonas, Britney Spears), Jim Jonsin (Usher, Nelly, Pitbull), Diane Warren (Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Aerosmith), and the Underdogs (Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson).

John is also an accomplished musician and performer in his own right. He has a solid foundation in music theory and plays the piano, guitar, ukulele and drums.  He writes and performs like a true fan of music. Taking cues from the greats, he is able to recall his influences and then push forward into new territory. Listen to him and watch him perform - John consistently reveals a soulful sound, killer falsetto, and an ambition that has seen him rise above his peers. The best is yet to come.